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     Jiaxing, locating in the center of the Yangtze River Delta and the Hanzhou-jiaxing-huzhou Plain,the physical features are low and flat, situated at the intersection of rivers,sea and labes,has always been a rich and prosperous land and is long known as “Land of Fish and Rice, Place of Silk and Satin” (Yu Mi Zhi Xiang, Si Chou Zhi Fu). Under the jurisdiction of Jiaxing City there are two districts (Nanhu District and Xiuzhou District), three county-level cities (Pinghu City, Haining City and Tongxiang City) and two counties (Jiashan County and Haiyan County), including 53 towns and 17 subdistrict offices. It covers a land of 3,915 square km, and 212,400 ha of which is plowland. It has a population of 3.368 million and 78.07% of them are rural population.
  Jiaxing, the geographical superiority is so obvious, its transportation is convient wich railroad, high ways and watercourcearses extending in all directions, and the one-hour traffic circle from Jiaxing to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou has been finalized. Location advantage and scientific developmental concepts have made Jiaxing into a representative of rich, harmonious and peaceful famous city in southern China. The GDP of 2007 is 158.52 billion yuan RMB and the urban per capita disposable income has reached 20128 yuan RMB, and increase of 18.8% and 12.9% over the previous year. All the counties and county-level cities are listed among the top 35 of the 100wealthy counties in China and all the counties, county-level cities, districts are listed among well-off counties in Zhejiang province. During the past few years, we adopted the concept of balancing urban and rural development to guide Jiaxing's overall economic and social development and promoted the integration of rural and urban areas and the construction of the socialist new countryside. The development of agricultural economic has achieved a relatively good achievement. In 2007, the gross agriculture output value hit 17.14 billion yuan RMB and the agriculture value-added of primary industry hit 10.02 billion yuan RMB. Farmer’s per capita net income hit 10163 yuan RMB, and ranked the NO.1 among Zhejiang province over the past four consecutive years.
  Jiaxing, which has a long history of agriculture and abundant resource, has always been an important producing area of rice, oil plant, livestock, silk and fish in Zhejiang province. Recently, we funded the development of agriculture intensively supported and upgraded traditional agriculture, stabilized the cultivation of food crop and oil plant. This guarantees the food security efficiently (Table 1), and Jiaxing was awarded the "National advanced city of grain production in 2007" by the Ministry of Agriculture and is the only one city who owned the honour in the province. in 2007, the yield of meat, egg, milk, silk and aquatic products reached 368900, 86300, 12200, 41300, and 159900 t, respectively (Table 2).
Crop Cultivated area (Ha) Yield (T)
Food crop 188,006 1,273,900
Economic crops Oil plant 38,207 95,800
Vegetable 78,406 222,820
Fruit 8,153 540,600
Total 312,772  
Livestock Amount of livestock on hand Amount of livestock out hand
Pig 2,829,100 4,683,600
Fowl 17,987,600 42,023,800
Sheep 754,300 842,000
Table 1 The cultivated area and yield of crop in Jiaxing Table 2 The amount of livestock on hand and out hand

  In the new century, a special fascination is added into the agriculture of Jiaxing, with the implement of urband agriculture development plan, the main characteristics of modern urband agriculture are emerging step by step, which are ecologization of environment, industrialization of management, knowledgeization of farmers, intensification of elements of production, and diversity of function, about 17,333 ha crops are cultivated in greenhouse. More than 1000 agricultural enterprises and 271 farmer specialized cooperatives have been set up 279 agricultural standards have been maped out, more than 250 standardization bases have been constructed, 88nuisance-free bases have been certified at provincial level, 93 products and 191 agriculture products have been certified as Green Food and Organic Food respectively. 9 brands are certified as the Certification Mark of Origin. 52 agricultural products have received gold medals in various national- and provincial-level agricultural products exhibitions expositions in 2007.
  When urban citizens are yearning for the fresh air and natural rural environment, Jiaxing grasps the pulse of the economic and social development closely. According to the strategy of “plan firstly, develop orderly”, Jiaxing makes full use of natural scenic spot resources, history and culture resources, agricultural resources that form the characteristics of a watery town in southern China and characteristic agricultural festivals, such as Nanhu Peach Blossom Festival, Jiashan Yellow Peach Festival, Pinghu Watermelon Festival, Tongxiang Chrysanthemum Festival to develop leisure and sightseeing agriculture. Jiaxing is a city honoured "national Tree Planting model city".leisure and sightseeing agriculture has undergone vigorous with 71 various leisure and sightseeing agriculture sites, which has invest 395million yuan RMB, built up, 2,893 ha, which has an annual reception of about 2.32 million tourists and more than 187 million yuan RMB income. The development of leisure and sightseeing agriculture, not only makes Jiaxing be worthy of the name “backyard of Shanghai”, but also broadens the agriculture functions, helps to break through bottle-neck of agriculture development, increases farmers’ income and flourish rural economy.
  Under the background of economic globalization, electronic business, interlocking management and logistics distribution are becoming the new methods to promote the circulation of Jiaxing’s agricultural products to markets. Jiaxing, depending on the geographicl superiority and radiant effects of “Eastern Harbor”, has finished the conversion of agricultural products trade, which firstly from conventional bazaar to modern logistics by building up market, recommendation, information platforms for agricultural products. In 2007, 63 agricultural projects with contractual use of US$ 232 million of foreign capital and actual utilization of US$ 94.05 million were introduced, the export volume of agricultural products amounted to US$ 992 million. The turnover of agricultural product wholesale markets above designated size totaled 1.5 million tons, 23.8 billion yuan RMB. Among them, 12 wholesale markets’s turnover exceeded 100 million yuan RMB. These markets which are completely-functional, advanced-equipped, markedly-characterized and standard-managed have made Jiaxing be the agriculture products logistics center. Especially, the price index of fruits and silks in Jiaxing has become the weatherglass of the agriculture industry and even the whole national markets.
  During the period of the “Eleventh Five-year Plan”, which aims at building a well-off society in an all-round way and accelerating the pace of socialist modernization, Jiaxing, as the forerunner of the integration of rural and urban areas in Zhejiang Province and even in China, is heading to the goal of realizing agricultural and rural modernization with vigorous strides. In the near future, a socialist new countryside of developing production, improving living standards, fostering more civil behavior, improving the overall cleanliness of village, and exercising democratic management, a strong economic municipality in the Yangtze River Delta, a new, coastal municipality along the Hangzhou Bay, a big cultural municipality in the south of the power reach of the Yangtze river, will lift in the south Wing of Shanghai.